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Redbox VS. Netflix - The Future Predicted by US Elephant

In case you are unaware of what a "Redbox" is, it is an up and coming movie rental service that distributes DVDs and Blue Rays via automated Kiosks that are most often locate in Wal-Marts and 7-11 Gas stations. So what do Redbox and Netflix have to do with one another, one does mail order and internet streaming, and the other is a kiosk, how could their path's possibly intersect?

Very simply, and this is my prediction. Redbox has gained a great deal of market share in my area and, from what I hear, in many other areas. Naturally, Netflix will want to quash this company and increase their base. The next natural business step for Netflix, better internet streaming aside, would be to setup their own kiosks.

This would allow them a double pronged approach to customer acquisition and allow more convenience and flexibility for their mail order customers. Imagine that some friends called and they are coming over in an hour. That's certainly not enough time to return your netflix movies and wait for knew ones, so you run down to your netflix box, return them, and rent new one right there!

The Argument: I've heard some argue that not only will Netflix become outdated, but so will the Redbox's as everyone is clearly moving to internet streaming. This is false, for now, for three huge reasons.
  1. The Internet infrastructure isn't ready to handle full fledged movie streaming. Streaming Millions of Blu Rays would prove to strenuous on the current infrastructure.
  2. Digital media rights and anti-piracy technology isn't quite where it needs to be yet.
  3. There are still people using broadcast television, there will most certainly be people who continue to rent physical movies. Some because they don't want the monthly bill, others because they just don't want to invest in the equipment for their home. For a guy who rents maybe one movie a month and uses dial up Internet, it would be silly to triple his Internet bill and pay a monthly subscription just to watch a movie a month.

So there you have it. Eventually Netflix will unveil its own rental boxes to be incorporated with their mail service and there will be a new rental war. Let us not forget that Blockbuster will probably try to come in swinging but they are kind of the Circuit City of the movie rental business. A formed giant fallen from glory. Maybe this is what they need to rekindle the name?

An Over Zealous Approach To Ending The Recession

It appears that many people, Ben Bernanke included, believe that by shouting "The Recession Is Over!" repeatedly, that the recession will magically end. They use lots of "meaning killer" words like "may," "might," "should," and the like to basically make their statements null.

"The recession may end soon," "The recession should be ending by the next quarter" these are meaningless sentences designed to provoke confidence in consumers who lack the ability to read these words properly. There is a phrase that I will paraphrase here: "Calling tops and bottoms is a fool's game." That sounds befitting here.

But few realize that chanting something like "there's no place like home" will not return you home, and chanting "the recession is over" does not end the recession. As far as I'm concerned, if it takes two consecutive quarters of negative GDP to put you into the recession, then it should take two consecutive quarters of positive GDP to get you out.

We Will Go Down Amidst Shouts of “LIBERAL!” & “CONSERVATIVE!”

If divide and conquer is the name of the game, then we've already lost. How easy is it to divide a room most simply by uttering the words liberal or conservative. Friendships have ended, parents and children divided, and enemies further repelled with the utterance of these simple words.

Indeed, I am worried that the most true battle being waged against Americans on every front, at every angle, and from every medium is being shrouded in the anger, the hatred, and the division that is generated by these sects.

Freedom being the casualty of this conflict, you'd like to believe that people would engage its loss more actively. Yet our headlines, and our thoughts are dominated by "Angry Right Wing Extremist Townhall Lobbyists," "Tree Hugging Liberals That Want To Take Down Industry," and let us not forget the latest headline grabber: Michelle Obama's dirty little shorts (gasp).

Because, when I think of important subjects that should be at the forefront of every American's thoughts, when I think of important issues that should be dominating the television screens, it is not Michelle Obama's shorts, it is the little pieces of legislation that get passed with little more than a whisper of the word "yea" in a nearly empty room then are quietly signed in another similarly empty room filled with only the sounds of a man breathing, and the scratching of a pen across paper.

Few know what the new law is about, few care, few see it's potential implications, few see how unamerican it is, few go out to protest it, and even fewer will peacefully oppose it in the time that its enforcement is attempted. We will instead go down, divided, amidst accusatory shouts of "LIBERAL!" and "CONSERVATIVE!" arguing over subjects and issues force fed to us by our "unbiased" media whose whole agenda to begin with was to divide us with two -- simple -- words.

Considering The Swine Flu Vaccine?

You may want to think twice before you role up your sleeve! While all of our favorite talk show hosts and news stations are telling us how great the vaccine is and how we must get it, there's also the other side of the story. Take for instance the link below. The father is quoted as saying:

"Perhaps Mr Burnham would have liked to come round to my house and explain the merits of Tamiflu to my three-year-old daughter as she sobbed and retched in my arms night after night."

To read further check out this link:

Obama Joker: A War Against Free Speech

A War is being waged in America against free speech. The above poster, while not tasteful to some, is a political expression that police around the country are trying to fight. They try to call these posters vandalism, but what about the thousands of yard sale signs, the thousands of rock and hip hop concert posters, and the millions of skate shop stickers. No doubt that those are considered vandalism as well, but you don't see the police seeking these "criminals" out.

I'll tell you exactly why these people are being sought out, because the police are trying to cover up the fact that people are discontent with our President. People are unhappy that he has broken all of his promises and that he is trying to bring Soviet Style Socialism to the shores of America. When people start voicing their frustrations at town halls they are immediately labeled "right wing extremists" and written off as "lobbyists in disguise." All in the name of covering up that America is not happy with President Obama.

His approval ratings have been plummeting as people realize that he is not providing change. Maybe that whole time that people thought he was saying "Change You Can Believe In" he was really saying "Chains You Can Believe In." Well this goes out to the people putting up the posters, and the people in the Town Halls. We Hear You, We Support You, and Keep Going. If we make enough noise they will need to listen.

To the Police, and President Obama: We Will Not Go Quietly, We Will Not Go Willingly, And WE WILL FIGHT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Welcome to America - Where we have opinions, freedom, and we freely express those opinions.
The Article About The Cops Taking Down The Posters And Trying To Arrest People:

Is Cash4Gold A Scam?

There is some debate (mainly Cash4Gold is debating) whether Cash4Gold is a scam or not. Allow me to simply provide some information that I've found which may provide insight into these allegations. Besides a few entertaining commercials, this is the information that dominates this company when you search for it:

Top Google Searches:

Top Yahoo Searches:

At The BBB they have a C rating (as of this writing) which you can view here: here. Here is a snap shot of their current complaint record:

Allow me to top this article off with some complaints which fall eerily in line with the "10 Confession of an Ex-Employee" article that Cash4Gold is currently trying to fight and remove from

All Below Complaints Are From and Can Be Viewed Here.

"This company is a big scam. I was not satisfied with the offer made for the items I sent so I returned the check and emailed them to return my jewellery. I got a letter in the mail a few days later informing me that they sold my jewellery to a third party because I did not contact them within 12 days of the check date letting them know I wanted it back. First of all I received the check 7 days after the date on the check so it would be unrealistic for me to get it back to them in that time frame. I was not informed about this and currently have a lawyer checking into it. I would not suggest anyone use their services. "
- If you view the 10 confessions article, it is mentioned that the check is dated, but they wait to send it out so that you can't reply in time, hmm.

"I sent in approximately 15.5 ounces of gold jewelry to Cash 4 Gold and even with their advanced tracking system, they are saying they did not get my package of gold. They want to settle with me for $100. I am very dissatisfied. I just want my gold back. These are not honest people and this dishonest company should be put out of business."
The 10 Confessions article mentions that sometimes packages "go missing" and they will only pay you what insured... Why, that seems like this is what this person is going through! But I can't make that claim, it could just be coincidence.

Now, I am not making any claims as to the class of business that Cash4Gold is. All of the information that you see here has been gathered from various outside sources and put together for you to view. Only you can decide whether you'd do business with Cash4Gold or not. I can only point out that there appears to be consistency in many claims being made.

Hillary Clinton Goes Off When Asked About Her Husband

This video shows Hillary Clinton being asked "What her husband thinks about a financial crisis" too which she responds in an arrogant, unbecoming manner. The translator made a mistake, but instead of trying to answer in a respectable, stately manner, she sank to a level that, in my opinion, does not represent America. I rarely comment on specific political figures but I thought this was pretty bad.

The Reality of Manmade Money

God, in His infinite wisdom, adorned the Earth with Silver and Gold which man has used as money for thousands of years. It is only up until recently that Gold and Silver have been almost completely replaced by paper money backed by nothing. Here are some charts to explain the reality of these paper "promises" that we hold so dearly:

What this chart here means is that 597 paper (fiat) currencies out of 775 have failed or been replaced!

This chart shows how much you used to be able to buy with the good ol' greenback. What this basically shows is that the American people have been steadily robbed since the Gold standard has been removed.

The Brits aren't immune either. They've also been robbed by inflation:

We have replaced God's wisdom about money with man's "wisdom" about money and look at the problem we've made! Crafty bankers (aka Wolves in Sheep's Clothing) promised to make our system better by removing that pesky "archaic" system and replacing it with this new fangled system. They didn't tell anyone that they would rob you with inflation.

So as your dollars sit in a bank account "earning" 1% interest (while inflation exceeds 3-4%) your dollars are shrinking. Your savings is shrinking. And while the dollar continues to tank because people have lost their "faith" in it, your savings account is shrinking. The worst part about this whole scheme is that you don't see the shrinking. Your account not only has the same amount of money in it, but you get a little extra each month for having it there! But prices go up, and that's how your money loses value. That seems pretty deceitful if you ask me! God does not deceive.

God gave us money in the form of Silver and Gold. It is used repeatedly throughout the bible:

Genesis 13:2 And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.
Genesis 23:16And Abraham hearkened unto Ephron; and Abraham weighed to Ephron the silver, which he had named in the audience of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver, current money with the merchant.

But we must not make Silver and Gold idols! We must thank God for what he blesses us with. I am going to include some scripture below which describes America eerily well. We must not allow this to happen (although many already have.):

Deuteronomy 8:12-14
12Lest when thou hast eaten and art full, and hast built goodly houses, and dwelt therein;
13And when thy herds and thy flocks multiply, and thy silver and thy gold is multiplied, and all that thou hast is multiplied;
14Then thine heart be lifted up, and thou forget the LORD thy God, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage;

No matter how much Silver, Gold, or Food, you acquire, and no matter how nice your house is, you must not forget that these are blessings bestowed upon you by God. They are not rights, they are not owed to you, they have been given by God's loving hands. Give thanks to our Lord, our God and pray that he rights this country, and the "leaders" running it.

Charts were gotten from

Wolves are everywhere, even HSN

A company like HSN moves over 50 million products a year, which makes me wonder why they would allow people, like the one in the youtube video at the bottom of this article, to rip off their viewers! They are selling an Anacs graded MS-69 Silver Eagle for $49.99 + $8.95 for shipping and handling. To cut to the chase, they are selling one ounce of Silver in good condition for more than 3 times the value of the metal in it!

To truly understand this you should consider: You can get ungraded Silver Eagles all day long for $18.00. Now, graded coins do command a premium, but not that large a premium! To further elaborate, here is a very similar coin, graded by a reputable company (though not as old as Anacs) for nearly $10.00 cheaper ($29.49 as of this writing).
Similar Coin, Better Price

Not only do they charge way too much, but if you go to the HSN website they show you the picture of the coin, except the picture has a "W" mint mark meaning it comes from the West Point mint, the problem is that this is not the coin you receive as noted from an angry HSN customer:

Now I will dissect this airing for your reading pleasure:

0:56 - He claims the purity to be .99995 pure, but it is actually .9995 pure. Not a huge mistake, but still.

1:16 - He mentions how silver has been moving dramatically but fails to mention the actual price per ounce.

1:26 - He states that they bought these before the dramatic rise in the last four weeks. This is to make you think that the price of silver is near $49.95 an ounce (Deception). This airing appeared on Sunday August 9, from 2am - 3am. Let's take a look at a graph of Silver for the last 4 weeks:

Wow! That is a $1.50 rise! While this is a significant movement in Silver, it doesn't justify the prices they are charging.

1:40 - He talks about this third party company guarantying the purity. Is the US Government's guarantee not enough?

5:10 - He states "Folks, you can't buy Silver Eagles for $19.95!" This is a downright lie. You can find them all day long for $18.00 as of this writing.

Here's the video if you'd like to see how they prey upon the unknowing. This should be a lesson that wolves are everywhere, do your homework:

If You Are Against ObamaCare Than You're An Extremist!

Sorry, I'm not aligned with insurance companies. I'm an average joe that doesn't want this socialism. Click the picture to enlarge.