The Truth Shall Set You Free

Well here it is straight from the mouth of a guy on the trading floor. There is market manipulation on the part of the government. Not to say it was a well hidden secret though!

HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009

Why is it that we pay all of these congressmen to infringe on our rights? I wish they would just come out and admit to the American People that they hate the Constitution and wish to see it abolished. I've got a message for all of the congressmen that are trying to toy with the second amendment, or any amendments for that matter: There are plenty of other countries for you to go to.

Don't walk around my country trying to infringe on my rights. The founding fathers put in the right to bear arms provision for a reason. It doesn't need to be rewritten, it doesn't need to be changed. It has served us fine for hundreds of years and will continue to. If you don't like guns then move to Canada, Australia, or any of the other fine countries that have decided to surrender their arms.

During World War II Japan didn't attack mainland America because they knew we were armed to the teeth, and I'm sure there are plenty of other invasions that have been avoided that have never been made known because of this fact. I'm not paying taxes to have my rights infringed upon. The congressmen are supposed to be working for us, not the perpetuation of a Police State.

Execute Order 66

Why is it that it feels like our Government and the Federal reserve are conspiring against the American people? All of these policies that are passing and Bernanke's quantitaive easing, it just feels like their hand is on the toilet handle. Either way, I just wanted to complain and give you an entertaining cartoon.

Let The Bonds Begin!

Uncle Sam wants your money, and in exchange he'll hand you a nice IOU. The problem is that there are an awful lot of IOU's out there that he is supposed to honor, and some are questioning his viability. If you are in the market for a house, then maybe you've noticed a sharp uptick in the mortgage rates, that's directly tied to the current issues that the Treasury Department is experiencing with issuing record numbers of bonds.

I can only hope that things don't continue to crumble, but I fear that if we continue on this current path the Fed will need to print, purchase, and thus monetize our debt in amounts only seen by post World War 1 Germany.,0,3556163.column

The Tax Man Is Knocking

Tax revenues fell sharply this tax season, mainly due to decreased income. What do the brilliant governments of America think of? Charge the serfs more! Let's see, your revenues fell because American's are making less, so now American's need to adjust to their new lower income... but American government can continue living it up by taking more food off of the table? That seems backwards to me. It sounds like State and Federal Government needs to go on a diet to learn how to cope with the pay cut, American's are doing it. I'm providing a link to the article for your reading disgust.

And the market goes wild!

Today GM declared bankruptcy. I did you the favor of grabbing the latest news headlines from I'm highlighting the good news in green and the bad news in red:

  • Stocks start June with a bang
  • America's 10 biggest collapses
  • JPMorgan to raise $5 billion
  • Oil jumps on stock rally
  • Time Warner's well-timed tax break
  • Is the bank stock rally over?
  • Bailed out banks lending less
  • Why the market doesn't care about GM
  • Manufacturing index hits 9-month high
  • Xerox bets on pricey printers
  • Shrinking salaries: Why we're saving more
  • Trillion dollar health-care fix

So, as you can see there was a mix of news. Let me highlight the most "important" piece. This would be the manufacturing index. Why is that in red? I mean, the index did hit a 9 month high. Yes, the index did hit a 9 month high, but it is still in contraction. So while it is optimistic news, it's not good news. It's like when you think 500 people have died, then you find out it was "only" 450. Better, but still not good. And it is this news that sent the market spiraling up and 221.11 points. Forget that one of the largest companies in American history, GM, is filing bankruptcy (which, ironically enough, will affect Manufacturing.). Now, I by no means am a GM sympatheizer, but this just strikes me as gambling with emotion.

I understand that this is supposed to signify a recovery, but if you're crossing a mine field, and someone waves you on, are you just going to run sprinting across? If you're getting into a shark viewing cage and someone says "You'll be fine" are you just going to start throwing chum in the water and hop in happily (some of you might :-/)?

I just feel like the markets have lost all sensibility and are just running full steam on gut instinct and emotion. That's a very dangerous game to play. If you're going into the stock market, proceed with caution, because emotion creates volatility.